Roof Coatings

Roof coatings are liquified polymers applied to an existing roofing system to protect and extend the life of a roof system. Along with preserving and extending the life of your roof, coatings provide a highly reflective surface that may help to reduce energy costs by lowering the surface temperature of the roof. Additionally, coatings provide a monolithic application that conforms to irregular roof surfaces, as well as seal cracks and splits in the roof surface.
Coatings can be applied to address a variety of roofing concerns. When choosing a coating, it is important to consider the location and current condition of the roof, as well as ponding water and chemical exposure, high heat and UV radiation.

How do I maintain the coating?

It is recommended that the roof, including the coating, be inspected semi-annually and after a major storm or high wind “event”. Additional coating may need to be applied to repair damage to the coating and underlying roofing substrate.